The Osaka is a magnificent, traditional Japanese stringed musical instrument that has been used for centuries to create unique and extremely lovely songs, enchanting admirers from all over the world. Just like it's name, Koto Japanese Restaurant is celebrated for their exceptional and beautiful preparation of traditional Japanese cuisine elevating the art of Japanese fine dining to a near musical experience.

     Since its inception in 2003, Koto restaurant has been renowned for its stunning presentations and fresh sushi and was named as the Best Japanese Restaurant of the Year by Capital Region magazine. Koto Japanese Restaurant offers a delectable and sizable selection of authentic Japanese food ranging from raw sushi and sashimi to delicious cooked dishes such as their sizzling beef teriyaki and artfully presented Hibachi grill at Koto you will always find the mouth-watering food of your choice. Koto Japanese Restaurant also boasts an extended Sake list that will satisfy the most demanding connoisseur's palette.